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HEAT-INSYDE mobilises all key players relevant to the future manufacturing and distribution chain of the HEAT-INSYDE solution.

Learn more about the partners and their role in HEAT-INSYDE

Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (TNO)


TNO is one of the major internationally oriented contract research and technology organisations in Europe, with a broad track record in thermo-chemical heat storage research. TNO is the HEAT-INSYDE project coordinator and will contribute to the system definition, supporting the upscaling process of the thermochemical material, designing the particle bed and testing it in a lab situation, modelling different parts of the reactor for optimisation, as well as developing, characterising and testing mass transport in the reactor.

Eindhoven University of Technology (TUE)


TU/e is a top-50 university in Europe with a strong focus on engineering sciences and design. They have been pioneering with heat storage materials for a decade and have a strong track record in experimenting and multi-scale modelling of these materials. TU/e will be responsible for the material optimisation and production for the HEAT-INSYDE technology.

Caldic Benelux N.V. (CAL)


Caldic is a top-10 chemical distributor in Europe, who add value in the market by manipulating chemical raw materials with mixing, grinding, compacting, coating and repacking of solids. Within the HEAT-INSYDE project, Caldic will contribute to defining the optimal production process for the thermochemical material to be used.

Lulsdorf functional solutions GmbH (LFS)


Lulsdorf functional solutions GmbH (LFS) belongs to the Evonik Group, which is one of the world’s leading specialty chemicals companies. LFS supplies varying production grades of potassium carbonate for the research on and manufacturing of the thermochemical material to be used in HEAT-INSYDE. LFS also supports the upscaling of compound manufacturing within HEAT-INSYDE.

Ventilairsec (VAS)


Ventilairsec is a French SME specialised in the improvement of the indoor environment quality of buildings (indoor air quality, energy performances, thermal comfort) in combination with renewable energy solutions and thermal storages. Ventilairsec will contribute to the preparation, installation, and testing phases for the integration of the HEAT-INSYDE heat storage system in the three planned demonstrators.

French institute of solar energy (CEA)


CEA is a French Academic Polytechnic Institution (RTO) with a wide experience in development and demonstration of thermal systems, including thermo-chemical technology. As an expert in seasonal storage systems using renewable energy, the main roles of CEA  in HEAT-INSYDE are to design the storage system architecture, to size the system using simulation tools, to design the prototypes, to measure their performances in dynamic lab conditions, to demonstrate the technology in real conditions using an INCAS single family test-house as well as a real life house.

Gemeente Eindhoven (EHV)


Eindhoven is one of the five large cities of the Netherlands and, with its Brainport Foundation, is recognised as an innovation hotbed that consistently scores high on European and global scoreboards for innovation and economic development. Eindhoven combines this high tech character with a strong sense of the need to create a liveable and sustainable urban environment for citizens and visitors alike and much effort is put into achieving this. The city of Eindhoven will act as one of the living lab cities of HEAT-INSYDE and its role will be to demonstrate thermal storage technologies in a real urban context.

Stichting Sint Trudo (TRU)


Sint Trudo is one of the five social housing associations involved in ‘het Duurzaamheidspact Eindhoven’ (Sustainability pact Eindhoven). Wooninc, Thuis and Trudo work together on accelerating the sustainability of housing in the city. Strong of its link with other social housing corporations in Eindhoven, Sint Trudo will steer the consortium in terms of end-user performance and key performance aspects, as well as collaborating in organising the demonstrators also within its housing properties.

Przedsiebiorstwo Robot Elewacyjnychfasada Sp. z o.o. (FAS)


Fasada is a construction company active in retrofitting and construction of new buildings, acting as the general contractor and competent consultancy for building components and systems that help minimize energy consumption and increase the sustainability of the buildings. Fasada will coordinate the demonstration of a user-ready HEAT-INSYDE prototype  in Poland and guide the possible introduction of the HEAT-INSYDE technology on the Polish market.

accelopment Schweiz AG (accelCH)


accelopment assists companies, universities and other organisation in EU project management and in the dissemination and exploitation of project results, with primary focus on projects in the energy, ICT, environment and life science sectors as well as in the areas of materials and manufacturing. accelopment collaborates in coordinating the HEAT-INSYDE dissemination and exploitation activities through group-specific communication measures, as well as supporting the coordinator in a smooth management of the project.

Bureaux d’etudes solaires SPRL (BSL)


BE-SOL is a private company dedicated to R&D&Innovation in renewable energy and mainly in solar energy and thermal storage technologies. Focusing on the development of prototypes of efficient and economic reactors and systems in order to reach the highest TRL, BE-SOL contributes to the design and optimisation of the HEAT-INSYDE components as well as in participating to the economic analysis and evaluation of economic models for exploitation of teh HEAT-INSYDE technology.

ENGIE Laborelec (LAB)


ENGIE is an expertise and research centre in electrical power technology, active on the whole electricity value chain spanning from the fields of generation, transmission, distribution, storage and final use, with a particular focus on the energy transition and its decentralisation, decarbonisation and digitalisation. ENGIE leads the technology and market assessments for HEAT-INSYDE, conducts the cost effective ranking of the developed solution with respect to alternative solutions, including electrical storage, and contributes to the development of the energy management system.

TBRM Engineering solutions


Based in the Netherlands, TBRM Engineering solutions (previously Segula Technologies Nederland B.V) is a part of the TBRM Group and they have joined the HEAT-INSYDE consortium in 2021. With TBRM’s expertise in the analysis of thermal systems as well as innovative engineering and hardware solutions, the company contributes to the development of the TCM module.



Cellcius is a spin-off company of the TNO from the Netherlands founded in 2020 that joined the HEAT-INSYDE consortium in 2021. The initial focus of Cellcius is on utilising industrial residual heat and making it available at locations with high demand for heat. Dedicated to commercialisation of the HEAT-INSYDE solution, Cellcius contributes to the project with a business case to ensure that developed technology will reach the market and become widely available.