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HEAT-INSYDE workshop

At this HEAT-INSYDE workshop, heat storage experts presented the innovative technology behind the HEAT-INSYDE heat battery, the heat storage business case and the integration between existing and future technologies. The workshop included a visit to the latest heat battery prototype and the so-called Smart Heat Shed that will be installed in the first demo house in Eindhoven. The even, held on 3 October 2022 from 13:00 to 18:00 CET at Kennispoort Building, Eindhoven, was open to anyone with an interest in sustainable energy solutions.

Watch the teaser video and full recording below.

Event programme:

13:00– Registration & coffee
13:30 – Welcome (Francesco Pizzocolo, TNO)
13:40 – HEAT-INSYDE introduction (Olaf Adan, TNO)
13:50 – How does the heat battery work? (Pim Donkers, Cellcius & Henk Huinink, TUE)
14:10 – How does it pay off? (Olaf Adan, TNO)
14:30 – Heat battery in the future energy system (Bart Erich, TNO)
14:45 – Coffee Break
15:15 – Heat storage for balancing energy surplus and demand (Marc Linder, DLR)
15:30 – Energy storage in the current political development (Nic Castellucci, TMEIC)
15:45 – Panel discussion with all speakers
16:15 – Closing Remarks
16:30 – Visit the heat battery and Smart Heat Shed
17:30 – End of the workshop


  • Francesco Pizzocolo (TNO, HEAT-INSYDE project manager Oct 2019 – Oct 2022)
  • Olaf Adan (TNO, HEAT-INSYDE Project Coordinator)
  • Pim Donkers (Cellcius, HEAT-INSYDE Technical Leader)
  • Henk Huinink (TUE, HEAT-INSYDE Materials Expert)
  • Bart Erich (TNO, HEAT-INSYDE Technical System Simulations Lead)
  • Marc Linder (DLR, Guest Expert)
  • Nic Castellucci (TMEIC. Guest Expert)

Meet HEAT-INSYDE – Heat storage Q&A

“Meet HEAT-INSYDE – Heat storage Q&A” is an online event held during 2022, with the aim of creating a two-way exchange between the HEAT-INSYDE consortium and any stakeholders with an interest in heat storage and in the technology being developed by the project. Each session focuses on a specific topic and involves partners from the HEAT-INSYDE project who are experts in that specific area. A brief presentation of the topic by the experts is followed by an open Q&A with the audience.

Watch the full recordings below and find all questions and answers integrated in the FAQ page.

Meet HEAT-INSYDE – Heat storage Q&A#3
05.10.2022 – How is a heat battery integrated in a house? Discover the demo sites

Experts from the consortium present the demonstration sites in the Netherlands, France and Poland, where the heat battery will be tested.

Moderator: Emily Rose Ciscato (accelopment Schweiz AG, Project communications lead)

  • Mr. Louison Boulier (CEA)
  • Mr. Marcel van Dooremalen (Trudo)
  • Ms. Eva van Enk (Eindhoven Municipality)
  • Ms. Agnieszka Łukaszewska (Fasada)
  • Dr. Bart Erich (TNO)

Meet HEAT-INSYDE – Heat storage Q&A #2
06.07.2022 – What’s in it for me? The business model behind heat storage

Experts from the HEAT-INSYDE consortium briefly present the business model behind heat storage and explain the concept of curatilment.

Moderator: Francesco Pizzocolo (TNO, Project manager)

  • Prof. Olaf Adan (TNO, Project coordinator)
  • Mr. Sebastien Dubois (ENGIE Laborelec)

Meet HEAT-INSYDE – Heat storage Q&A #1
29.03.2022 – How does heat storage work and why is it so cool?

Experts from the HEAT-INSYDE consortium briefly present the heat storage solution they’re developing, focusing on the material, hardware and system integration.

Moderator: Francesco Pizzocolo (TNO, Project manager)

  • Prof. Olaf Adan (TNO, Project coordinator)
  • Dr. Henk Huinink (TU/e, Materials expert)
  • Dr. Pim Donkers (Cellcius, Technical leader)