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This is how salt will warm up your house – New video is live!

Check out the latest video showcasing our partners from TU Eindhoven, TNO, and Cellcius, featured by Universiteit van Nederland! In this insightful footage, Joey Aarts, PhD Candidate at TU Eindhoven delves into the innovative realm of salt battery technology and its potential to revolutionize home heating systems.

Aarts illustrates the remarkable power of the salt and water combination, highlighting its abundance and safety. Through engaging experiments, he demonstrates how this dynamic duo serves as the foundation for an efficient heating solution.

Witnessing the first demo, viewers gain a clear understanding of the heat battery’s functionality, accentuated by its compact modular design. Aarts underscores the system’s versatility, emphasizing its adaptability across various scales, exemplified by the impressive Cellcius “container.”


For a comprehensive understanding, delve into the full video, where Aarts explores future prospects in the field. Additionally, a sneak peek radio podcast offers tantalizing glimpses into this groundbreaking solution.

Aarts elucidates how something as ubiquitous as salt can address pressing energy challenges, unveiling a device capable of both emitting and storing energy. Although the HEAT-INSYDE heat shed isn’t featured in this footage, it’s on the brink of showcasing an affordable, compact, and sustainable heat storage solution.

Thanks to the concerted efforts of the consortium, the HEAT-INSYDE heat battery is primed for testing and demonstration in Eindhoven, Poland, and France, catering to diverse climates and heating needs. Stay tuned for further developments!