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The 4th HEAT-INSYDE Newsletter is out: Learn more about the HEAT-INSYDE project and its heat battery demonstration sites

Did you know that HEAT-INSYDE has its own newsletter? Today we’re launching the fourth issue and invite you to chcek it out if you’re curious about the current state of the project’s heat battery demonstrations sites, the key upcoming events related to energy storage technologies, and much more.

Into the project’s third year, the past few months have seen a continued focus on the preparation of the heat battery prototypes that will be installed in three houses across Europe, where they will be tested in real-life conditions for their performance and optimisation. The houses themselves also required some preparatory work to be able to host the heat storage system, which is partially still underway but nearing its completion.

In this issue, you’ll find all about the three demonstration sites and our project’s latest insights. As usual, we also combined a collection of upcoming events of relevance to heat storage enthusiasts, so don’t forget to mark your calendars.

Find the full newsletter on our website, enjoy the read and subscribe to receive the next issue in your inbox!